Dec 5, 2009

About me

Who are you?
 My name is Brendan Lim and I am the brainchild behind Bedroom Recordings Production.

What do you do?
I provide my expertise as a music producer and a sound engineer with ensured quality. Here is the list of services Bedroom Recordings Production offers.

Why the name "Bedroom Recordings Production?
This is because my passion for audio started out in my bedroom. I was recording self-composed songs on my bed using a Mini-Disk recorder back when I was a teenager. Hence, the name "Bedroom Recordings Production".

How did you become an audio engineer?
I attended SAE Singapore in the year 2008 and I graduated with a Diploma in Audio Engineering. I have worked on a lot of projects relating to music and audio post ever since. (I'm not trying to say that is all you need to be an audio engineer but that equipped me with the basic knowledge of audio that is needed for this field)

What are your rates?
There are no fixed charges for my services. Everything is negotiable. We cater to your budget.